Photography:  © John  Muggenborg

Audi Manhattan Showroom

Project by CDR Studio (Project Manager: Anke Roggenbuck)

In a location that creates a larger presence in the city, the new facility establishes Audi as a premium brand in Manhattan.  The 220,000 sq ft building houses a new Audi showroom with potential development of multi-level showrooms and all new service floors.  Audi Manhattan stakeholders are multivalent, including Audi of America, Audi AG, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen’s brand architect, CBRE and an array of consultants and contractors.

The critical factor in car dealership design is functionality.  Handling of volume for parking and operational processes is of paramount importance.  The Audi New York Terminal houses one of the largest vehicle sales and display locations in the United States for the brand.  An emphasis has been placed on finding creative ways to merge the logistics of an active dealership - such as vehicle service and customer sales - with iconic requirements of a brand showcase event space in Manhattan. 

Since 2006, CDR Studio has been the design architect for Audi of America. The role includes the adaptation and implementation of the architectural master plan for the United States dealership network. Additionally, CDR Studio has completed a diverse range of “special” projects from race schools, office design and lighthouse dealerships in major U.S. cities to the creation of a web-based tool for project tracking, management and furniture design. Audi’s ethos of being progressive and sophisticated permeates every aspect of CDR Studio’s work for the dealership architecture program.

Location: 800 11th Avenue, Manhattan

Completed:  September 2012