Photography: © Nikolas Koenig

Summer House

Project by 1100 Architect (Project Manager: Sebastian Kaempf)

Situated on the eastern shore of Long Island, NY, this summer house emerges out of the dunes of an 'endless' Atlantic Ocean beach.  Its disciplined material language is directly derived and inspired by this marine setting, and its Gestalt is a modern transformation of it. The main material is a buff colored dolomitic limestone cladding all exterior surfaces and interior ground floor perfectly blending in with the color of dune and beach. 

Upon entering the main house, visitors are embraced by an abundance of natural light and unobstructed views out to the patio, across the infinity pool, to the dune and ocean beyond. Only native plantings surround the house and aim to recreate the site’s natural conditions across the roof so that the building is integrated with the landscape.

Landscape Design: Edwina von Gal

Location: Long Island, NY

Size: 12,000 sf.

Completed: 2012